Ancient Chinese philosophy stresses the moral difference between a lord and a bandit. Coming to power by killing the innocent is unacceptable. However, this political virtue is not performed by the contemporary Chinese rulers who continually oppress Tibetans, intimidate the Taiwanese, and test nuclear bombs regardless of the danger and pollution from these testings. The white paper uses the term "Chinese Nation" (chung hua min tsu) in an attempt to draw connections and affiliations. The fact is, this term comes from around a hundred years ago when Chinese intellectuals coined the term for the formation of a national identity. From the works of Sun Yat-sen and Chang Tai-yen, one can see the discriminatory, Han-chauvinistic attitude behind this. In the past, it served to unify the Republic of China by the Han. Today, it serves the Han of the People's Republic of China. If the KMT regime continues to use this term, "Chinese Nation" in creating an illusion to fool the Taiwanese, it is positioning Taiwan in dange r of Han invasion by the PRC. Therefore, we ask that all political factions and parties hasten themselves to the development of an independent Taiwanese identity through reforms in the media and school education.

In conclusion, Taiwanese have the right to decide their own future. Any political party hoping to win support from the Taiwanese will have to identify with Taiwan, recognizing and sharing the common destiny of all the people on Taiwan. To terminate the tragedy of centuries of colonial rule, Taiwanese have to establish an independent country by their own effort with the help of the international community.

We believe that there is no "China Question" or "Taiwan Question." Taiwan and China should share the belief that the two countries should normalize their relationship under the premises of mutual respect for each's sovereignty and territorial integrity, peaceful coexistence and mutual cooperation. Only till then, will there be peace and prosperity for the two peoples of the two countries.

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