Proclamation Against Encroachment on Taiwan’s Sovereignty



We Taiwan people deeply believe: the people hold an inalienable right to national self-determination; the future of Taiwan must be determined by the people of Taiwan.


On June 25, 1998, the President of the United States of America Bill Clinton will visit the Peoples Republic of China. The people of Taiwan are concerned that talks between President Clinton and President Jiang Zemin may seriously influence the security and prospects of Taiwan.


The future of Taiwan is for the 21.8 million people of Taiwan to decide. It cannot be bartered by any superpower.


With all due deliberation, we request that the central government of Taiwan take the occasion of the National Legislature elections of December 15, 1998, to hold a national plebescite to let the people of Taiwan determine the future of Taiwan.






Date: June ____, 1998.


Professional Associations:

Taiwan Association of University Professors (352 members)

Taiwan Teachers’ Alliance (over 900 members)

Taiwan Medical Professionals Alliance

Political Organizations:

Taiwan Independence Party

Nation-Building Association

Green Party Taiwan

World United Formosans for Independence

The Association for Taiwan Independence

Goa-Seng-Lang (Mainlanders) Association for Taiwan Independence

Asia Freedom and Democracy Alliance, Taiwan Chapter

Media Organizations:

Nation-Building Radio Station

TNT Formosa New Voice Radio Station

The Voice of the Taiwan Nation Radio Station

TNT Formosa New Voice Hakka Radio Station

Cultural, Social and Religious Organizations:

Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, Central Office Committee

Christians for the Promotion of Taiwan Independence

Ocean Taiwan Foundation

Taiwan Heart Society

Pine and Bamboo Society

Taiwan National Mountain-Climbing Society

Taipei City Committee for the Promotion of Women’s Rights

The 228 Victims’ Families Association for Peace

National Senior Citizens’ Friendship Association

Elected Heads of Cities and Counties:

Peng Pai-hsien (Nantou County)

Lu Hsiu-lien (Taoyuan County)

Lin Kwang-hwa (Hsinchu County)

Chang Tsan-hong (Tainan City)

Su Chen-chang (Taipei County)

Lee Chin-yung (Keelung City)

Chen Tang-shan (Tainan County)

National Legislators:

Yen Chin-fu, Tseng Pao-ching, Hsiao Yu-chen, Hong Chi-chang,

Tsai Tong-rong, Chen Kwang-fu, Lin Tze-fu, Peng Shao-chin,

Tsai Ming-hsien, Lin Feng-hsi, Chen Chi-mai, Chang Chun-hsiung,

Chien Hsi-chieh, Huang Tien-fu, Chu Hsing-yu, Chen Yung-hsin,

Su Huan-chih, Lin Wen-lang, Ong Chin-chu, Tsai Huang-lang,

Hsieh Tsung-min, Fan Hsuan-lu, Shen Fu-Shong .

National Assembly Members:

Chuang Sheng-rong, Chang Chuan-tien, Chung Su-chi,

Lee Kun-tze,Wong Ming-yu, Chien Tze-hwa, Peng Pai-chong,

Chang Hsiu-chen, Lin Mo-rong, Huang Yung-huang, Tai Rong-shen,

Su Chih-fen, Hsieh Chao-shou, Lin Chung-mo, Chen Pi-feng,

Chen Su-ruan, Lai Yi-song, Chou Wei-you, Hong Mao-tze,

Liu Chun-hsiu, Chang Chen-hsiang, Lee Ming-hsien, Chiu Yi-pin,

Tang Bi-oh, Ting Yung-sun, Ho Ming-how, Lan Shih-tsong,

Chen Hsiu-Huei.

Taipei City Council Members:

Chou Po-ya, Lan Mei-chin.

Taiwan Provincial Council members:

Yang Chiu-hsin.


Ku Kuan-ming, Chen Fu-yueh,Jhi Cheng


Joint Service Office of National Legislator Lee Ying-yuan and

National Assemblyman Chang Chen-hsiang,

National Plebescite Association,

Taiwan Hakka Public Affairs Association,

North American Taiwanese Professors Association,

Chuan-ming Taxi Dirivers Association

New Nation Frontiers